Zendle Tempered Screen Protector: iPhone 6

Zendle Tempered Screen Protector: iPhone 6


The Lex premium tempered screen protector has a surface hardness of 9H which is three times stronger than regular PET film and will generously protect your screen from knives, keys, stones and basically anything sharp!
The Oleophobic coating is easy to clean and prevents fingerprints, contaminants and most importantly, repels against liquids such as water, oil, paste, inks, blood etc..

The Anti-Shatter feature allows the screen protector to crack into small pieces that are held within the glass if broken. They aren't sharp, making it safer than other glass products.


  • 9H hardness factor, tempered glass, ultra durable
  • Anti-shatter & protects your screen against scratches
  • Oleophobic nano coating and HD optical transmittance
  • Maximum touch responsiveness
  • Anti-clip round edges
  • 0.33mm thickness

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